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Spas are a retreat to break from the hustle and bustle of the city to rejuvenate minds and bodies. While the experience given is profound the woes of running into scheduling issues, staff allocation and customer management is quiet bad. As a spa owner maintaining and retaining your existing customer base is crucial for the success of your business. Regular customers’ vs walk-ins are the two types of customers who will typically visit your spa. And the majority of your business relies on the return customers. Walk-ins should always be welcomed too, because they might be your future returning customers.

Spa software is a one stop solution that handles appointment booking, billing and customer retention marketing.

MioSalon offers an end to end solution that includes:

  • An easy to use and flexible appointment scheduling screen
  • Integrated Point of Sale to bill services and sell products
  • Centralised customer data storage management available on cloud
  • Manage Staff Schedules and Timings
  • Send instant notifications and reminders to customers to reduce no shows and fill slow days
  • In-built business intelligence that identifies lost customers and runs automated bring back campaigns
  • Automated service reminder campaigns to constantly intimate customers to visit often
Spa Software
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MioSalon is very useful and a powerful tool to build a rapport with our clients. It has really helped us build the customer base in a such a short time.-AKH Salon

Appointment Booking

With MioSalon, you can handle all your scheduling in one screen; Easily edit, re-schedule or cancel appointments in no time.

Point of Sale

Easy and flexible billing with automatic offer/discount redemptions for memberships, promotional offers and other loyalty programs.

Engagement Marketing

An ultimate customer engagement centric marketing platform for bringing customers more often to your salon or spa.

Data Analytics

Analyse reports on recent sales, upcoming appointments, top services, employee performance and more reports in one place.

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MioSalon & Spa software saves you money and increases your customer retention

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