Is my data safe in the cloud?

At Waffor, the security of your data is our highest priority. As we don’t store any sensitive data, data breaches are highly unlikely. We highly recommend data storage in cloud compared to saving data locally, as there are chances of data stealth, system/device crashes and other physical damages in locally storing data.

Can I upload my existing data?

Yes, you can bulk upload your existing data with MioClient/MioSalon in the proposed excel format.

Can I download my data?

Of course Yes! You have the complete ownership of your data. It is your data and you can download it anytime.

It is possible for feature specific customisation?

MioClient/MioSalon is a product and we do enhancements based on market needs. But, not entertaining any specific customisation.

It is possible to store data in customer's own server?

MioClient/MioSalon is a SaaS platform hosted by Waffor and made available to customers over internet only. You can still export your data in excel format.

I have multiple locations, will MioClient/MioSalon work for me?

Yes, we do have support for setting up stores in multiple locations and making it easy to manage all your stores as a network. We provide multiple accounts based on the roles. In this case you will have to purchase our Multi-Outlet plan.

I like MioClient/MioSalon, what should I do next?

That’s exciting to hear! You can request a demo to understand the way MioClient/MioSalon works for you. One of our customer relationship managers will contact you.

Where can I view my SMS credit reports?

You can find the SMS/Email balance in your account settings. For a detailed SMS/Email usage report you can check it from Reports Menu > SMS Usage Reports

How can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription by doing an online payment. You can access the page from the given link www.waffor.com/accountrenewal

Can I change plans?

Yes, indeed! We have kept the option flexible, you can switch plans anytime, however it will bill reflected in the next billing cycle.

How do I reset my password?

Request for forget password, you will be sent a reset password link to your registered mail ID. By clicking the link you can create new password for your account.