Stop procrastinating your salon /spa Marketing plan. It is killing your Business

By | April 5, 2017

You will get a dozen of reasons that why you have not started the marketing campaign for your salon/spa. Like you have no time..its too time taking etc.

But do you know the difference between you and the salons who are rocking on their game is their marketing.

A consistent approach toward Personalized, permission marketing, addressed marketing, and a threshold marketing which helps to regain customer, reduces the customer no-shows is the solution.

But always remember to have a small and consistent approach, not an occasional desperate attempt when business is going down.

Start sending offers when they want, what they like and had their permission to send them. This will help you to increase no of visits of a customer which in turn will increase their average spend in your salon or spa.

Never stop the loyalty plan make them feel special and through this methods show your loyalty towards clients.

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