Waffor launched Salon Spa management Software in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai

By | March 11, 2017

After having a successful venture with Indian Salons and Spas for almost a year, the smartest online salon spa management software Waffor is live in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. Along with booking and billing, we have over a dozen of customer engagement features likeSalon Spa Management Software

  1. Personalized Marketing (Email & Text SMS)
  2. Membership
  3. Prepaid wallet
  4. Customer Feed Back
  5. Discount coupons
  6. Reward Points
  7. Greetings
  8. Reminders to Clients and much more…

We are not stopping you here with Waffor you can know your customer inside out, their purchase behavior, what they like or what they don’t, Who all are the most active to who all are the most profitable and even who all are the most complaining.

Have a clear look on your sales insight, sales trends, top performing Services, and products.

Top performing staffs and an automated staff incentive calculator, with a smart Stock management tool. With Us reduce your client no shows and bill pilferage. Your salon/Spa SWOT analysis is here, what are you waiting for?? Give it a try.

For Contacting Waffor-Salon and Spa Software and for more details.

Salon Spa Management Software



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