Membership Management – Waffor’s Latest Update

By | January 31, 2017

Another cool way to make your customer feel exclusive is making them a part of your salon family or showing them that we have a long term relationship. For this particular reason has launched a new feature called membership management.

membership management software

          membership management software

 In this feature customer can pay for their membership and they will get their membership discounts on their coming visits. This extraordinary membership management feature encourages customer to come your salon and spa more often because of the exclusive discounts they are getting for a particular time period, which ultimately opens the large number of opportunities for salon and spa to strengthen their bond with their clients and Stylists can understand their customer and their preferences, services, timing etc., which in turn will reduce the customer churn rate. On the other hand salon and spas can generate finance from customer’s upfront payment, so it can help to generate financial opportunity by reducing the risk for their future road map.

And for salon’s customer exclusive price discount, they can know about salon and spa more likely who is their preferred stylists what sort of services they want etc.

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