How to select the Most Apt Customer Engagement & Billing Software For Salon and Spa Business?

By | February 20, 2017

We have clearly seen an exponential growth in the no. of beauty salons and spa’s consumer over this last couple of years from both male and female demographics, with this increase iSellect The Best Billing Software For Salon and Span demand has lead to increase in no. of competitors in the market, and a war for retaining their customers are on their full swing, knowing the customer or in other words keeping a tab on them become a key.

But the real question comes while selecting an IT solution for customer engagement or customer retention or in simple way for creating a loyal customer base, especially when there are lots of product in the market and everyone has the ways or features for customer then how to know which is the most apt Salon and spa software for their own salon/spa houses.

In this article we are discussing some basic or we can say prime criteria for selection but when it comes to result these can be considered as extraordinary criteria’s.

So before going for search or looking out for a billing software for salon and spa keep these two most important factors in mind that whether you want to go for the software as per the No. of Staff wise or you want to know your customer.

If you’re main criteria is as per no. of staff then you can clearly go with packages which provides required no. of staff and you can play around with other features which come along, simple and easy choice.

But if  you have decided that you’re crucial aim or goal is to know your customer and attract them to your salon/spa more often then that’s the time when real art of seduction begins, In this case when you are taking demo or tutorial from the software consultants keep one thing in your mind that “you want to know your customer” , it means when the software consultant is explaining you the software ask question regarding customer like why you are filling customer phone no ,email id or the location of customer because such question will help you  to understand what sort of information  and analysis you will get from that particular software and how you can use this information for your salon and spa’s future road map decisions.

Always ask this basic and effective question that How this billing software is changing or strengthening my Brand Position eventually which will lead to the brand value of your salon or spa. Even ask same question to the software if  He/She  manage to give an apt answer  or if  you manage to get those answers, it means you have a clear road map in front of you that what you will do with the software.

Be more inquisitive Suppose how with the customer bills I can know the customer, their behavior, preferences or do we have any other touch points through which we can understand the customer issues and preferences.

Try to understand what are the opportunities the features integrated in the software are going to create for your salon, try to look on each and every feature on the basis of how it is going to strengthen the relationship of salon and customer, is it going to benefit the salon’s customer or not and how this feature is reducing the financial risk of your salon and spa.

At the end Check how much freedom you have to customize the software as per your need and How far  the solution provider are ready to push themselves to incorporate your demanded feature on the existing product because that will actually give you an idea that what sort of support in future you are going to get?

With Waffor Billing Software for Salon and Spa know you’re Customer; create a larger loyal and happy customer base, manage your staff and generate more financial opportunities. Guys Just take a look !

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