Why you should go for an ONLINE salon software now?

By | April 29, 2017

Recently, I have encountered questions from few salon owners like why your’s is an online software and why you guys can’t provide an offline option. This opened up the topic of why salon owners should go for a complete online software and not the offline/semi-online ones.  I would like to share my views on the same here.

I agree emerging economies like India still doesn’t have dependable internet connection in some part of the country. But, you will accept the scenario is fast changing.

Lessons from the past

You will agree that the days are surely gone where you used the mobiles just make/receive a call when Nokia and Blackberry were ruling the roost. The decline of these two companies is a big learning for all of us why we should be agile and adapt technology to survive and not get perished.

Current scenario and trends

The current scenario in “Digital India” is there are 300+ smart phone users with 4G and broadband penetration increased dramatically. It is visible how technology makes a significant impact on ways of doing businesses are conducted.

I would like to share few points why salon/spa business owners should go for an online solution instead of offline one to survive and grow.

  1. Give real-time scheduling to clients

Nowadays clients want to book appointments through your FaceBook page or website at their convenience. Also, your clients looking for 24×7 real-time accessibility of your calendar to check available slots and book appointments with your team. It is possible only with online software.

You can also promote a limited period offer in social media or website and generate revenue by asking clients to book online and make payment. In this case, surely an offline software can’t help and your schedules will go in awry which may lead to loss of customer/business.

  1. Avoid conflicts with your clients, staffs and partners

The real-time data access ensures the client’s appointment schedules are met by staffs without any hindrance. It is highly important that the appointment reminder SMS are sent to clients and staffs on time to reduce “no shows” with an online salon software.

Also, you can avoid conflicts with partners and managers with timely alerts on critical changes and daily summary report. Most importantly as an owner, you need to get insights on time and enables you to take business decisions to make team productive.

  1. Control malpractices &  client data theft

Many salon owners have a bitter experience of money lost due to staff malpractices in offline solutions. Insisting customer to demand bill by SMS/email immediately after services and before leaving the counter will reduce pilferage.

Also, customer database safety is one of the most critical thing where your crucial asset of client contact details not stolen away easily. In a cloud solution, the database will be stored on a secured server and can be accessed only by admin users. Also, alerts and OTP(one-time password) authentication make it more secure.

  1. Prevent “Data loss” due to virus threat & mischievous activities

The data is the key thing for business which you have built it over a period of time by spending heavily on marketing activities. No one is afforded to lose their data accidentally like virus, operating system corruption or destroyed by mischievous staff in an offline environment.

Taking backup manually is also not practically possible and in an online software, the database backups were maintained well. You need to check the kind of accessibility you get to your data if you decided to move out of a vendor. I.e Exporting client list, sales transaction, membership, reward points in an excel sheet.

Bank locker  & net banking

Hope you agree on the above points and an online solution is like keeping your jewel in a bank locker instead of a box at home. The more simple way of understanding online vs offline is the banking transaction we did decades back (visiting a bank and standing in a queue) and the way we do now with net banking.

MioSalon is the solution built to address the above things and also empower salon owners to get new customers and retain the existing one in a cost-effective way. Also, you need to check few more other aspects before choosing the best salon software. You can explore the free trial before buying one.

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