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By | March 24, 2017

Is Your Spa or Salon Software provider scamming you

Salons and Spas Software

Usually when you take demo from the sales executive of billing or Customer engagement software for your Salons and Spas
What do you see or try to understand?
The answer would be software’s features, internet speed required, the security of the software, support by the service provider etc. In this whole case, you often forget to check in what are the formats you can download your data like data of customer details, services or your daily report, memberships etc.
And when you check or ask about it, you will be informed that software will provide you in PDF format with their reasons of so call data safety that with this no one can alter the data and blah blah their ethics of security of data but remember never fall for this because it’s you who should decide in which format you want your data.
Now let me tell you that how they are scamming you here

Circle1 No software take uploaded data in pdf format it means if you needed to change to any other software then you are in a huge trouble you have to do everything manually, which will cost your time and high chances of error this that service provider first and biggest Scam that they are trying to hook you up from moving to other software not by their features or support but by limiting you.
And at the end of the day, you will feel the software as a hook in your neck.
circle2 Pdf format also restricts you and your team to do pivot table analysis or analysis in R in short the software is limiting you to gain knowledge or further insights about your own salon.
Don’t fall for this Shitty deals take software which help you to grow not scam you. Because this will allow your service provider to do anything and you my salon and spa friend are sort of in a shitty marriage with this company that you can’t move anywhere and they won’t provide you what you required.
Time for a breakup before falling into this trap or if you are already into it time for a divorce.
It’s you who should decide in which standard format you want your data then whether it is in excel or pdf.
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