How to Tranform your ‘Salon Bills’ into a strong ‘Marketing Tool’

By | January 9, 2017

Each and every person leaves the salon or spa with their own experiences with these grooming houses and obviously the salon bill they have paid. This piece of paper is usually a statement or a proof that customer has paid for the services they acquired but in other words this is one of the last physical connections a customer took while going out from your salon or spa. So Why not let’s make this connection a great way to connect or to communicate by using a salon billing solution

Salon Billing Software

A right kind of message on the bill can transform your bill from a document of service into a strong marketing tool but the Question is how one can do this?

 And the answer lies inside your spa and salon billing solution. More precisely, whether your  has a message option or not is the key. So let’s dig into it that how, when or what we can do about it.

  1. Use message option as an information bulletin for your salon

For example    “FLAT 50% OFF ON COMING 7th-8th”.  In this way you can transform your bill into a pamphlet or a personalized  bill board.

  1. Convert your salon bill into a discount coupon.  For example “Get 20% off on your next visit with this bill. Valid for next 15 days.

In this particular way one can make customer to come back within a time period with a sure discount in hand, as well as you put a thought of next visit inside the brain of your customer.

Salon Billing Software

     3. Inform about your stylist specialty and skills through the Message option on your salon and spa billing software.

For Example –“Our Maria is the most creative hair stylist and has a 7 yr experience on hair styling and served over 2000 clients”.

You can convey the message with your customer every day via new bill formats or talk about new stylists. like “We have more than 10 highly experienced stylists working hard and their prime objective is to provide you the best services.

This method is something which will provide some sort of transparency about your salon and spa and it will help your client as well as your employees to connect with each other inside your salon.

  1. Talk To Your Customer or show you are a salon enthusiast

Sometime  just provide some general information about beauty suggestions, or what your salon stands for like for nature, child education or women empowerment etc. because  it’s proven theory that green marketing  works for huge audience to get along especially in salon and spa industry.

  1. Another way to engage your customers through some sensible funny quotes or with some positive energy quotes which bring smile on their faces or just recharge them with new perspective after they got grooming from your salon, because that’s what they really want to hear that they got something new in themselves. It also helps you create a brand position in the mind of a customer like funny quotes creates chilled out, cool brand whereas sensible positive quotes creates a caring positive rising sort of brand. With this feature be whatever you want to be.   For example:-   “Do more what makes you Happy!”

Waffor Spa and Salon billing software helps you to create Your Invoice cum marketing tool. Waffor salon billing solution allow you to customize your message as per your choice.

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