Why Paid Salon and Spa Software is better than Free

By | November 13, 2017

When you start looking for an online POS or salon and spa software you will come across some paid software or some free software. The first thought will come to your mind that why to pay when you are getting the same thing in free.

Let me explain to you why you need good software with a price tag on it.

  • First thing is the business model when they are running a free software thing either they have advertisement drove model or to create a monopoly by capturing more new customer whereas paid has a model to earn business from the customer and provide service. It means in the case of free software you as a customer are not the prime objective of business both they are the advertisers or acquiring a new one and in both cases, they will not have a support team to resolve your issues. Nobody will be there on the other side to answer you if you are stuck or confused with the software which will lead your salon into jerked operation.
  • Software’s Priority. As you know that you are not the prime source for them and they are the free software. They will always keep your requirements as secondary and u will always face a delayed updates of a new feature or not sure they are going to provide it or not whereas paid software are run by you and that’s why they run for you and they always base themselves on customer satisfaction and have a quick response toward the requirement and issues of the customer as well as they ‘ll have consistent updates as per market demands.
  • Database Priority.The third most important thing with online software is your database. You are keeping your customer database with a software which doesn’t have any support or responsive person to contact if in the case of any mishap or technical glitches u will lose all your customer base and nobody will answer you also, so security wise your salon database will be at high-risk in the case of free software.
  • Marketing limitation- Free software doesn’t come with marketing tool of the personalized offer, strong analytics on client behavior, sales or staff performance incentive etc. in other words free can full fill your necessity but when it comes to thriving in your game you need marketing and analytics.
  • Industry Standards.At last, I want to say if you want to grow you must spend at least 10% of your profit on technical support and assistance.So that you will have a better visibility of market and its trends.

I hope I make some clarity for you to make better choices please let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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