Have you ever thought about how you could bring a customer from their home to your shop? That’s what involves CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT, an effective and most powerful customer management tool which can do wonders to your business. It is a part of Customer Engagement Suite. What is CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT? You may be running a successful business… Read More »

Trinity International Beauty seminar in Chennai 2015 – Salon Software Waffor

On Aug 11, 2015 – Trinity had organised an international beauty seminar featuring the latest trends in Beauty & hair style at Chennai. It was a full day seminar focused on nurturing the beauty and salon industry in Tamil Nadu. The event was sponsored by TJS Beauty Secrets – Earth Theraphy and co-sponsored by Vridhi, Schwarzkpof, Naturals Beauty… Read More »

The New Experience of Customer Engagement

A lot of things have changed in the past few years in the retail sector. The types of customers have changed, their needs and attitude have changed and so have their demands.  Different generations want different things. Your customers have plenty of choices when it comes to buying what you sell. The customer wants the best out of… Read More »

As a retailer are you breathing and living Customer Engagement?

To run a successful and profitable business, you need to generate the right type of leads (customers) – and a lot of them. Think if you have a retail outlet with amazing products which are meeting some of the real-time customer needs, but you don’t get any customer walking into your store. What will happen! No customer means,… Read More »

3 steps towards “Connected Customers”- Salon Software Waffor

In today’s world, customers are well educated.  They would have browsed through the internet and know about the product, brand, cost, discounts, positives about the product, etc.  Studies show that the decision to buy is pretty much made outside your shop even before they step in and you just serve as a last mile in their purchase process. … Read More »