How Tonsor Unisex Salon Manage to Grow their Revenue to 300% within its First Year of Business Operation

By | February 27, 2018

In mid-2016, Tonsor Unisex Salon started its first store operation with six staffs, and the proprietor of Salon Prem.  Before Tonsor, Prem worked as a Store manager for Green Trends and gained extensive experience in Salon Business management.  He always wanted to be an entrepreneur and wanted to have his brand of Salons.

The right location isTonsor image critical to the success of a Salon business.  Prem was on the roads for quite some time to pick up a proper place for his Salon.  He chose a perfect spot @ Puzhuthivakkam because despite having an excellent residential area there was not a single decent Salon or spa in the range of 1.5 to 2 km.  This helped them to drive clients to their store on their initial days.

I knew that to run a successful business we must have clear visibility on our revenue, expenses, and the profit numbers; apart from that we also wanted to automate our day to day operation so that our Staff and I can concentrate on better client experience within the store,” said Prem.

They have evaluated multiple Salon software and chose MioSalon which provides detailed insights on revenue and utilization.  Prem gets an SMS daily at 9.00 p.m. on daily sales revenue.  He has a better handle on business and able to make right decisions through such reports.  And, best thing – whether he is traveling or in the city, numbers are always on his fingertip.  This brings in great peace of mind and agility in business.

Once the customers started coming to the store, their next move was to work towards retaining the existing customer base because they knew that as a brick and mortar store the audience reach is limited to the local areas.

Prem knew that Customer Retention is the most important way to run the salon successfully.  Being a new salon and a close-knit team, they wanted to concentrate on few logical channels for marketing rather than putting their minds in different ways of marketing, and they finally decided to go for Promotional Offers through SMS marketing Channel.  They send their customers – friendly greetings such as birthday, anniversary and combine these with promotional offers.  Their customers love these personal touches from a salon.  MioSalon helps salons to send these promotional offer campaigns through SMS and emails.  MioSalon also helps in managing membership, wallet, etc.  Such gamut of customer engagement helps Tonsor to engage their customers efficiently.

They started seeing better retention of customers and resulting in an increase in revenue from existing customers.

They also had a close watch on the customer- segment, and over a period of analysis they found out that most of the business comes from women customers age group 20 to 40 years.

So they started creating offers Customized to the need of their women customers and needless to say that this helped in better traction.  All these kind of insights are provided by MioSalon and allows Prem take right decisions from these insights.

Prem (CEO & Proprietor of Tonsor Salon) firmly believes that to run a successful salon business it is essential to empower stylists and the staffs of the salon, train them to provide best of service, best of behavior, to become tech-savvy and to know how to sell.  MioSalon, with its simple and easy to use interface & powerful capabilities, helps in empowering the stylists to focus on business.

MioSalon is extremely happy and thankful to Prem to be associated in this journey with Tonsor and wish them best to expand the footprint into multiple outlets soon.

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