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By | October 25, 2016

We are highly delighted to share about the new release update of “MioSalon”. The makeover is a milestone in our journey to provide one of the best online and free salon software. Now, the smart and simple MioSalon becomes more smarter & simpler with the new User Interface(UI).

We have just launched the new beautified version of “MioSalon Software” on 18th Oct’2016. I’m sure it will bring more cheer to our existing customers and future clients with its new elegant and extremely easy to use interface.

We strived hard to make each screen more simple and easy to carry out your day-to-day activities like adding new customers, billing & campaigns. Also, the reporting has been given in an easy understandable format like graphs & tables.

What is new in “Mio Salon Software”?

  • The accessibility of menus made easier with big and broad icons

    Customer Segmentation_MioSalon

    Free Salon Software Solution

  • Adding new customers, service and staff much faster with quick access
  • Get 360* profile view of a customer with a quick search by either by name or mobile no
  • Now product billing and simple inventory are available
  • Reward points management are now part of marketing module
  • Migrating from other solutions to MioSalon (free salon software) has been made easy with quick import option
  • Alerts mmessages are given to controltore level pilferages
  • The overall look & feel made beautiful with pleasant colours

Membership management & Building loyal customer base

Almost every salon owner would like to have membership program to entice their new customers and get hooked to them. The attractive membership pricing made easier to manage with multiple member types like silver, gold, platinum etc. Each membership type can be set with different value and validity period.

Also, the discounted membership price for each of the member type can be defined service-wise  either by value or percentage. So it get applied at the time of billing and have accurate reporting on revenue generated.

Revenue by Segment_MioSalon

Free Salon Software – Revenue by Segment

Members can be quickly getting added from the billing screen itself. The user can also well aware of the status of each customer at the time of appointment booking and billing.

Customer Segmentation & targeted marketing

The core speciality of this free salon software got a facelift ie. Bucketing of customers as active, in-active/defected, churn prediction and total customers shown clearly. Now you can do a quick marketing campaign to each one of the above segment. Our new improved dashboards and reports will give you clear visibility on campaign performance to assess results and strategize future campaigns.

In summary, what as a salon owner you can get with this free salon software release …

  • Enables you to provide faster service
  • Empowers you to maintain better customer relationship
  • Get repeat business by building more loyal customers
  • Control malpractices with timely SMS alerts and more…

Also, we are going to surprise you with many new features in the upcoming weeks. Now, you can explore the same by signing up for a free trial or call us for a free demo.

 Click here to start free trial of MioSalon Software

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