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By | August 23, 2016

Almost every Salon owner is primarily concerned about salon software to increase profits by retaining their existing Salon customers. The reason is that the service retailing and particularly beauty & hair salon industry have very high customer churn out rates as per studies.

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Here are the insights and challenges faced by the salon business owners…

  • 50% of new customers NOT returning in next 4 months after first visit
  • 78% of 2nd time customers returning in next 4 months after 2nd visit
  • It cost 5 times more for customer acquisition than retaining a customer

But, still 63% of salon marketers think that new customer acquisition is the most important thing and not retaining.

Now things have changed dramatically and retaining your customers are made simple with the latest online customer retention management & customer engagement  software “MioSalon”. The best four ways are:

  1. Gift vouchers – Auto identify high value customers & Retain  

The reason why you should give priority to retain your high value customers is … 20% of your high value customers drive 80% of your total revenue as per studies.

Sending a real-time gift voucher  to your top customers by offering discounts on the spent value is a best way to retain them.

The system will help you to set and send gift voucher SMS to your high valued customers automatically.  It  encourages your customers for repeat visits and be loyal.

  1. Promotional Offers to send offers 

Most of the salon owners used to send bulk promotional offer by SMS  to all their customers which may not bring expected outcome.

The best way of sending specialized offer to each one of your customer group like active, going-to-churn-out and defected customers. So that your specific offers will attract them and encourage them to back to you.

No need of any big manual effort to do that. All you need to do is just open the customer engagement screen which shows all the above groups and send offers immediately.

  1. Birthday and Anniversary Greetings – Send offers on right occasions  

NowSalon Loyalty management softwareadays looking elegant has become part of lifestyle. That too on the occasions of Birthday and anniversary is more important.

Generally, customers prefer to go to stylist close to a week these occasions. Engage these customers smartly a week before, you will be the only brand on their mind and make them come to your salon.

All you need to do is just capturing the special occasion dates of your customers and set the attractive greetings & discount offer one time in the software. Then the greetings and offers are sent as SMS automatically to your customers on those occasions and entice them to come to your outlet.

  1. Service reminders – Remind customers at right time  

Sending reminders to each one of your customers about their preferred services is another good way of retaining your customers.

It is one of the simple way to maintain a personalized relationship with your customers and have a brand recall for them.

All you need to do is set the days for your the reminder days for each one of your services based on a time interval. So the system itself sends reminder SMS automatically.

POS, retail CRM & Analytics : “MioSalon” is one of the best salon software comes with smartest customer relationship management and an integrated simple appointment booking & billing.

Measure your ROI : The software not only assist you to send promotional offers, but helps you measure the customers retained and money earned by doing each one of the above campaigns.

For smart customer engagement and retention, give a try to Waffor’s  “MioSalon” software.

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