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Why you should go for an ONLINE salon software now?

Recently, I have encountered questions from few salon owners like why your’s is an online software and why you guys can’t provide an offline option. This opened up the topic of why salon owners should go for a complete online software and not the offline/semi-online ones.  I would like to share my views on the same here. I… Read More »

Hello Salons and Spas – Your Data is yours. Always Remember

Is Your Spa or Salon Software provider scamming you Usually when you take demo from the sales executive of billing or Customer engagement software for your Salons and Spas What do you see or try to understand? The answer would be software’s features, internet speed required, the security of the software, support by the service provider etc. In… Read More »

Waffor launched Salon Spa management Software in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai

After having a successful venture with Indian Salons and Spas for almost a year, the smartest online salon spa management software Waffor is live in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. Along with booking and billing, we have over a dozen of customer engagement features like Personalized Marketing (Email & Text SMS) Membership Prepaid wallet Customer Feed Back Discount coupons… Read More »

How to select the Most Apt Customer Engagement & Billing Software For Salon and Spa Business?

We have clearly seen an exponential growth in the no. of beauty salons and spa’s consumer over this last couple of years from both male and female demographics, with this increase in demand has lead to increase in no. of competitors in the market, and a war for retaining their customers are on their full swing, knowing the… Read More »

Membership Management – Waffor’s Latest Update

Another cool way to make your customer feel exclusive is making them a part of your salon family or showing them that we have a long term relationship. For this particular reason has launched a new feature called membership management.  In this feature customer can pay for their membership and they will get their membership discounts on… Read More »

WAFFOR’S January Update “PREPAID Wallet”

This New Year Waffor salon and Spa Software comes out with its new feature for our salon houses is the Prepaid Wallet. A simple yet an extraordinary solution for customer engagement for spa and salon houses, especially when this time when our whole nation is going with the cashless economy revolution, it’s our effort to bring out a… Read More »

How to Tranform your ‘Salon Bills’ into a strong ‘Marketing Tool’

Each and every person leaves the salon or spa with their own experiences with these grooming houses and obviously the salon bill they have paid. This piece of paper is usually a statement or a proof that customer has paid for the services they acquired but in other words this is one of the last physical connections a… Read More »

Waffor’s new year special offer 33% for salon & spa businesess

After an exciting year by developing many new features & functionality in our salon software things are looking very energizing for us, and we’d like to take this new year occasions to say big thank-you with a new year special offer. Hope you too had good year so far and might have overcome many challenges. Now the new… Read More »

5 questions on Why & How to get salon and spa customers feedback

Spa & Salon businesses are people intensive and needs to be sensitive to the customer’s preferences. But, still more than 50% of major business decisions taken by salon owners are based on ‘gut feeling’ that is often flawed. 1.Why customer churn rates are rising in salons? Most of the high-end and medium size salons are managed by the… Read More »