Mio Salon Software Integration to MailChimp : January Update

This is the extension to the promise we have made in my last blog Features Goal for the year 2018: Mio Salon Software. We are happy to inform we have launched our first third-party Integration to MailChimp for Email Marketing. Yaay! This feature will help salon and spa industry to run a personalized campaign in a cost-effective way… Read More »

Feature Goals for the year 2018 : Mio Salon Software

For 2018 Our New Year Resolution is to take our dedication towards our Client or Salon and Spa Industry to Another level.This year we swear that we are going to add some of the Revolutionary features in the Mio Salon Software. Like 2k17 in 2k18 also we will continue to take Feature enhancement suggestions from our client under… Read More »

Mio Salon Software won The Indian ISV award 2017

Happy to inform that MioSalon a spa and salon software won the prestigious Indian ISV award 2017.  We won this award the second time in a row under the category of Best digital marketing Solution. The second Indian ISV Awards 2017 is an activity from itVARnews (Techplus Media Publication) to recognize the best ICT Solutions by ISVs (free… Read More »

Top Features of Mio Salon Software from 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end, I was looking back that how this year went especially for Waffor Inc. I say what a year. For us, 2K17 was the year of growing, learning, enhancement not only in terms of the scale of Business but also in terms of maturing the product. This year we have launched a… Read More »

Why We Launched MioSalon ?

Presently we propelled MioSalon.com for our Salon and Spa Software prior it was accessible on waffor.com, this entire new change is a result of our long-term vision for Waffor Inc.   Now on, Waffor.com will be our corporate site and Waffor Inc will be our umbrella association under which we will grow more Software product in not so… Read More »

Salon Software to Reduce Operational Cost

In Salon and Spa business a standout amongst an essential Growth Factor is to bring down the Operational Cost and yet it is the most overlooked factor. Generally, Salon and Spa proprietors were excessively occupied, to discover better approaches to produce income, more deals and basically disregarded the idea of advancing the utility of assets and workforce. This… Read More »

Why Paid Salon and Spa Software is better than Free

When you start looking for an online POS or salon and spa software you will come across some paid software or some free software. The first thought will come to your mind that why to pay when you are getting the same thing in free. Let me explain to you why you need good software with a price tag… Read More »

Why you should go for an ONLINE salon software now?

Recently, I have encountered questions from few salon owners like why your’s is an online software and why you guys can’t provide an offline option. This opened up the topic of why salon owners should go for a complete online software and not the offline/semi-online ones.  I would like to share my views on the same here. I… Read More »