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The smartest salon software to manage salon & spa business

The Smartest salon software

Waffor MioSalon software saves your money while growing your business
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Appointment Booking

With MioSalon Appointment Booking Software, you can handle all your scheduling in one screen; Easily edit, re-schedule or cancel appointments in no time.

Point of Sale Solution

Easy and flexible billing with automatic offer/discount redemptions for memberships, promotional offers and other loyalty programs.

Engagement Marketing

An ultimate customer engagement-centric marketing platform for bringing customers more often to your salon or spa.

Data Analytics

Analyse reports on recent sales, upcoming appointments, top services, employee performance and more report.


Identify your loyal customers

Not all customers are equal. Get a clearer picture of who your high revenue customers really are, spend your marketing efforts to retain them.


Encourage them with rewards

It can be an option to receive immediate discounts or gathering points to be exchanged for products or services.


Convert one time customers to loyal customers

Constantly engage them with event updates, offers and get regular feedback.


Appointment Booking & Scheduling

A powerful and easy to use calendar to book appointments. While Booking Add multiple services, override or double book an appointment.

Payment Integration & Products

MioSalon has built-in POS for all your sales transactions including mixed, pre-paid and partial payments.

Send Personalised Offers

Send relevant marketing messages to different customers at the right time—just when they need it.

Manage your Clients

Maintain an ultimate customer database with name, contact info, personal info, appointment history, sale history, preferred services and preferred service person all in one place.

Build Client Loyalty

Win client loyalty with auto- redeemable gift vouchers, loyalty points and membership discounts.

Reduce no Shows

Send automated reminders and custom messages on an approaching appointments and notify them and reduce no-shows.

Powerful Analytics

Single dashboard with metrics of your business performance, campaign performance, employee performance, sales trend, etc.,

Collect Timely Feedback

Collect real time customer feedback with actionable insights to improve your overall customer experience.

Data Security

Our vaulted, secure cloud server provides the same level of security used by banks, credit card companies and major companies.

MioSalon software increases your customer footfall by 10X


Salon Software Customer Bangalore

Difain Unisex Salon

Waffor MioSalon is an apt software that simplified my salon management a great deal. The software is built in a way to help seamless everyday transactions and effective customer retention.

Salon Software Customer Chennai

Essensuals Velachery

We are able to send trackable promotions to our customers which is very useful in tracking down the effectiveness of the campaign. Adding our services in the application and targeting service specific customers has become very simple

Salon Software Customer India

AKH Salon

MioSalon has been working great for us. One of the best things is, it has a clean and easy to use interface when compared to the softwares. They have a dedicated support team to rely on.

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